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Marilyn Raphael

Marilyn Raphael, a full-trance medium, has used her gift helping thousands of people around the world connecting with the other side. She has been a full-trance medium for more than thirty years and is involved with many kinds of mystical adventures and forms of heightened psychic awareness since childhood. Marilyn's personal involvement and unique experiences have put her on a special quest for a greater understanding of these remarkable abilities. She is involved in experimentation and research into the phenomena of her mediumship and the broader area of paranormal studies.

Marilyn offers classes, lectures, workshops and insight into many of the varied aspects of spiritual and psychic development. These courses include such diverse subjects as telepathy, psychometry, telekinesis, aura healing, dowsing, self-healing, altered states of consciousness, out-of-body experiences, astral travel and more. Among some specialties, Marilyn has conducted séances, investigated hauntings and performed several exorcisms. She has also helped people with bereavement issues, by connecting them with the other side.

Several world-renowned psychics, channelers and mediums are among her many students. People from all walks of life have consulted Marilyn for her insight in readings. Clients have included doctors, lawyers, journalists, entertainers, writers, artists, TV producers, international diplomats and ambassadors from the United Nations, and many more. Marilyn is a no-nonsense seer, as she is greatly respected among her clients and peers.

Marilyn has been featured on the popular national television show "The Other Side." She has also co-hosted and been a guest on various local South Florida television and radio programs. Credits also include teaching psychic awareness classes in various forums in New York City, and Upstate New York. Presently Marilyn conducts awareness classes in the South Florida area.

The connected collective consciousness that communicates through Marilyn are purported to be those of Eileen J. Garrett and James, a brother of Yeshua.